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  • Vallée’s latest books are The War on Women and a special commemorative edition of Life With Billy—combining the original Life With Billy and Life After Billy into a single volume with an updated prologue.
  • The War on Women shines a light on the alarming number of women being murdered by their male partners and the failure of the justice system to protect them. A documentary based on the book is in the planning stage.
  • Since the publication of his latest books, Vallée has been the keynote speaker on criminal domestic violence at more than fifty events and conferences around the country.
  • A journalist who worked on newspapers in England, the United States and Canada, Vallée went to CBC’s award-winning documentary program ‘the fifth estate’ where he spent ten years, the last five as a producer/director.
  • He was researcher and associate producer of John Zaritsky’s documentary, Just Another Missing Kid which won an Oscar at the 1983 Academy Awards.
  • Two of the numerous CBC documentaries produced by Vallée won Actra Awards for ‘the fifth estate’ and he was associate producer for the one-hour documentary Cruel Camera which won an Audubon Society award.
  • His first non-fiction book, the best-selling Life With Billy, about Jane Hurshman, an abused wife who took the law into her own hands, was published in Canada, the U.S. and France. The Stafford case led to the Battered Wife Syndrome as a legitimate defence. A television movie based on the book won three Gemini Awards in 1995.
  • Vallée’s first novel, Pariah, was published in Canada and the U.S. in 1991 and was followed by the non-fiction Life After Billy which examined the mysterious gunshot death of Jane Stafford, ten years after she killed her husband.
  • In November 1997, Doubleday Canada published Vallée’s non-fiction book Edwin Alonzo Boyd: The Story of the Notorious Boyd Gang. The gang terrorized Toronto in the late forties and early fifties and two gang members were hanged after a Toronto policeman was shot and killed on a downtown street.
  • Since leaving the CBC, Vallée has produced and directed several documentaries for ‘the fifth estate’ and one-hour documentaries on Edwin Alonzo Boyd and Canadian artist Ken Danby for the network’s Life and Times program.
  • His non-fiction book The Torso Murder: The Untold Story of Evelyn Dick was published in October 2001. He also researched and wrote the documentary The Notorious Mrs. Dick, aired on CTV in March 2002.
  • Vallée is currently working on a documentary and book about a Montreal bank robber who pulled off the biggest armed robbery in North American history ($68 million) and a new Alonzo Boyd book, movie script, and documentary.
  • In addition, he has completed a new work of fiction, Banshee, and is developing a documentary and book on the life of Canadian war artist Michael Forster as well as a documentary and book which he believes will solve the mystery of who killed Sir Harry Oakes in the Bahamas in 1943.