Life with Billy: Special Commemorative Edition

First published in Canada in 1986, Life With Billy told the story of Jane Hurshman, the Nova Scotia woman who after five years of severe abuse by her common-law husband Billy Stafford shot him to death while he was passed out drunk in the front seat of his half-ton truck. The jury acquitted Jane of murder, but the Crown appealed and won a new trial, this time accepting Jane’s manslaughter plea.

Though overturned on appeal that ‘not guilty’ verdict demonstrated that the public was ahead of the judicial system on the matter of criminal domestic violence and led to the acceptance of the Battered Wife Syndrome as a defence in Canadian courts. Life With Billy chronicles the legal battle that shocked, divided and ultimately enlightened a nation.

Ten years after Billy’s death, Jane Hurshman shot herself in the font seat of her car in a deserted parking lot on the Halifax waterfront. Vallée’s book reveals the true story behind the mystery of her death.

Before she died, Jane spoke out publicly and often.  Her story has inspired and helped thousands of women.  This book is part of her legacy.