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Producer John Zaritsky and Associate Producer Brian Vallee    (beard and hat) celebrating with the Oscar for Just Another Missing Kid at the old Toronto Press Club on Richmond Street


 Academy Award Acceptance Speech:

 Year: 1982 (55th) Academy Awards

Category: Documentary (Feature)

Film Title: Just Another Missing Kid

Winner: John Zaritsky, Producer

 Presenter: David L. Wolper, Jobeth Williams

Date & Venue: April 11, 1983; Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 


  John Zaritsky: 

"I'd like to thank a group of my collegues and friends: Ian Parker, Brian Vallee, John Griffin, Dick France, Don McElligott, and Gordon McCellan–a group of talented professionals who made "Just Another Missing Kid".  I'm grateful to Glenn Sarty, Bill Morgan and the Canadian Broadcasting Corportion who gave me the opportunity and the money to make this film. I appreciate and am eternally grateful to my wife Virginia Storring for her advice and support.  And finally, I'd like to thank America's wisest private detective, Jim Conway, up in Storrs, Connecticut, as well as two dedicated policemen in Maine, Charles Stevens and Kent Taylor who did everything to make sure that Eric Wilson didn't remain just another missing kid.  Thank you very much."


Academy Awards Acceptance Speech: