The murders begin in rural Pennsylvania in a high-rent nursing home. Then come more brutal killings in Spain, Las Vegas and Paraguay—all with a macabre trademark: a crisp new dollar bill stuffed into the mouth of each victim, most of them close associates of the late, eccentric billionaire Elliot R. Brodie.

New York Police Department fingerprint specialist Vince Oliverio’s involvement in the case begins with a smaller mystery—the identity of a comatose old man abandoned at the door of the nursing home.  But soon he is hip deep in an unofficial investigation in which every answer poses twenty new questions, each with unbelievable implications. Suddenly the case turns personal for Oliverio as his world shatters in one violent instant. And as he comes closer to the shocking truth, a pitiless, remorseless killer remains on the prowl…and Vince Oliverio is the next target.

Pariah, Brian Vallée’s first novel, was published in the U.S. and Canada.  It is rare and has been out of print for several years.  Vallée purchases used copies in good condition from the internet for re-sale to readers who are interested in the book.

Publisher: Seal Books (McClelland-Bantam Inc.), Toronto, 1991
ISBN # 0-7704—2351-5
Falcon (Bantam Books), New York, 1991
ISBN # 0-553-28866-0