Life After Billy

Moving, disturbing, and profound, this is the most important book you will ever read about surviving spousal abuse—and about one woman’s quest for forgiveness and peace.” —Seal Books  

When Jane Hurshman shot and killed Billy Stafford, the husband who had tortured and abused her for years, the case brought the issue of spousal abuse to light for the first time. Ten years later Jane was dead, her life ended in another blast of gunfire. 

This book chronicles the life of a woman who survived years of private abuse only to face a storm of unwanted media and public attention; a woman who survived one demon only to face the legacy of fear and pain he left behind; a woman who helped save hundreds of other abused women but, tragically, could not save herself.  Moving, disturbing, and profound, this book is about surviving criminal intimate partner violence and about one woman’s quest for forgiveness and peace.

This paperback edition of Life After Billy, is out of print but there is a limited number of new copies available from the author. Upon request, books can be signed personally to the buyer or as a gift to a third party.

Publisher: Seal Books – McClellan-Bantam Inc., 1995

ISBN # 0-770-42622-0