Life After Billy

The preponderance of evidence is that Jane Hurshman fired the bullet that killed her, but there can be no doubt that society loaded the gun and helped squeeze the trigger.” —Brian Vallée

In 1982, after suffering years of degrading and nightmarish abuse, Jane Hurshman shot and killed her husband, Billy Stafford. Jane was found not guilty of murder, but the Crown’s appeal resulted in a six-month sentence for manslaughter.  Jane was released from jail after serving two months.

She became a tireless fighter against criminal violence in the home and became a symbol of hope and strength to women in abusive relationships. But unable to free herself from the legacy of Billy Stafford’s violence, Jane’s body was found in her car on the Halifax waterfront in February 1992—ten years after Billy Stafford’s death. Cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest.

The book examines the larger issues of life after escape from an abusive partner.  Bodies can heal but emotional wounds left by abuse are slow to heal and, as in Jane Hurshman’s case, the scars can last a lifetime.

This hardcover edition of Life After Billy, is long out of print and no longer available for purchase.

Publisher: Seal Books – McClellan-Bantam Inc., 1993

ISBN # 0-770-42556-9