Life With Billy: US Edition

Life With Billy could more fitting titled Life In Hell…None of this is pretty reading and it takes a strong stomach…Vallée manages to put Jane Hurshman’s story in context. He uses it as a backdrop for raising the complex wide-spread issue of violence against women.” -The Toronto Star

It happens every day, in every kind of town, in every kind of home.  Sometimes the victim strikes back.

This is Jane Hurshman’s story, more harrowing and brutal than The Burning Bed—the story of a woman imprisoned by fear, shattered self-worth, and poverty. From the beginning of her life with Billy to the murder and subsequent trials and acquittal, Life With Billy is a savage, in-depth account of one woman’s ordeal—and her life-and-death struggle to survive.

This is the U.S. version of Life With Billy. There is a limited number of new copies of this book available from the author.  Upon request, books can be signed personally to the buyer or as a gift to a third party.

Publisher: P0cket Books – a division of Simon and Shuster, New York, 1989 ISBN # 0-671-66549-9